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New York City Homeowner's Guide -
The Exterior (part 1)

The Exterior

There are a number of things to look for on the exterior. Check for holes (e.g., where wiring, ductwork, tubes and hoses enter the building) and cracks through which heat may be escaping. Particular attention should be paid to areas where different kinds of building materials meet to see if there are gaps, e.g., where windows fit into walls, where concrete foundations join wood, etc. And don't forget to consider the landscaping and how your house is situated. Is one side of your home particularly wind-beaten?

The most common problems discovered on the exterior inspection involve places where air comes into the house. Caulking will do the trick on holes, cracks and small gaps. Weather-stripping around doors and windows will create a tighter seal between jams and casings. Fireplace chimneys should have snug-fitting dampers that can be closed when the fireplace isn't in use.

New York City Home energy conservation