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New York City Homeowner's Guide -
The Interior (part 1)

The Interior

When auditing the interior consider the following: appliances, lighting, the heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system and energy consumption patterns. List all the appliances, noting whether they are fairly new or rather old. Older appliances will tend to be less energy-efficient. If you can, replace older appliances with energy-efficient models (or at least consider the energy efficiency level when it's time to replace them).

Regardless of the age of an appliance, there are ways of optimizing its energy efficiency. For example, by keeping the condenser coils of your refrigerator clean and by turning the thermostat setting from 37°F to 40°F, you will save energy. Also, cooling hot foods before you refrigerate them saves energy. Don't preheat the oven too early and resist the temptation to peek while food is baking - each peek drops the temperature by 25°F to 50°F. Only run the dishwasher with full loads and (of course) use energy saving features if available. Heating water consumes the second largest amount of energy in most houses. Reduce the hot-water tank's thermostat to about 120°F - this is plenty warm enough for most household uses. Keeping waterbeds covered retains heat and saves energy.

New York City Home energy conservation