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New York Real Estate Glossary A
(Abandon - Accouple)

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Leaving something in a place, without the intention of returning.

The voluntary surrendering of property rights but not transferring title to someone else.

Home, residence.

Absentee Owner
Landlord who lives elsewhere

Supporting structure (column) at the end of a bridge or arch.

Abutment Piece
The bottom plate of a wall.

Property adjoining or bordering another property.

An offeree’s consent to enter into a contract and be bound by the terms of the offer.

A means of entering a property or building. Ability to reach something.

Accessory Building
Building which is secondary to the main structure on the same piece of property such as a shed or garage.

Record of financial transactions. Credit extended. Commercial relationship involving credit. A customer. A financial fund.

Person who specializes in keeping, inspecting and adjusting financial records.

Accounts Payable
Money owed to someone else.

Accounts Receivable
Money owed to you.

To join together.