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New York City Homeowner's Guide -

Exterior doors should be of solid-core construction. Double doors need good security because they are easily forced or jimmied. Flush lever bolts should be installed at the top and the bottom. The bolt should be long, sturdy and mounted into a solid doorframe. Doors with windows or glass ornamentation require double key deadlock bolts. This prevents the burglar from breaking the glass and reaching inside to unlock the door. The key to a double key deadbolt lock should be left in at all times when someone is home to ensure that the resident can escape in the event of fire or other emergency.
Make sure that doorframes are solid and are equipped with proper strike plates. Doors should be mounted so that hinge-bolts are not exposed to the outside. Install a door eye-viewer.
Metal bars installed on basement windows provide extra security. Try to use bars that can be opened from the inside in the event of fire or other emergency.

New York City home security (general)