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There are two types of luxury doorman buildings.
Those built post war between 1950's and 70's. They are usually 10-20 stories with decorative facades and elaborate period designed lobbies. These appeal to people who appreciate old-style architecture and the want the conveniences of modern living as well. But in these buildings generally you don't find the modern features of health clubs or swimming pools. Also parking is difficult to find as in garage parking.

Usually the buildings residents are wealthy families as well as and older professionals sometimes including celebrities as well.

There is also modern and sophisticated hi-rises buildings. Like many large American cities, however tere are so many here in New York City. These structures in the 20-60 stories in height and do have all of the modern day living conveniences.

Average cost of a 1-bed: $400K - $900K. Average rental for a 1-bed: $2,300 -$4,000. Average size of a 1-bed: 600 - 700 sq. ft. These are found in main neighborhoods throughout the city

When is comes to buying a unit in these buildings it's a long and drawn out as well as complicated procedure compared to other types of properties. In the prestigious coops the board approvals can be very difficult to obtain.

However, renting is generally straightforward. You still have to meet the tough requirements of lots of paper work such as employment and rental history, credit reports and landlord references.


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