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New York City Homeowner's Guide -

Before painting interior walls, the surface has to be prepared. Fill any dents or gouges in the drywall with spackle and sand away bumps and glossy areas. A layer of paint should be applied to newly filled areas. After sanding, the wall should be thoroughly washed to remove residue and any dirt or grease that might inhibit the paint from adhering. A priming paint is also recommended for better adherence and uniform coverage.

Electrical covers, light-switch plates, door knobs and door stops should all be removed. If furniture cannot be removed, it should be moved to the middle of the room and covered with a drop cloth to avoid damage from errant paint splatters. The floor should also be protected with a drop cloth. Areas that you wish to keep free from paint (such as windows) should be masked off.

Ventilation is important. Open windows and run a fan to help dissipate noxious paint and solvent fumes.

Painting your new New York City home