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Manhattan Real Estate Information

Pre-War Buildings

This is the category of buildings built before World War II. Usually ten to twenty stories and are in sites where the high-rise view is a feature. They have some interesting architectural features and design-wise have large rooms, usually with a fireplace in the unit, hardwood floors and high ceilings. Some have doormen some do not. By now most have been updated and do have modern appliances and some amenities.

The people in these buildings include families, older professionals, celebrities.
1-bed usually cost $450K - $700K. Average monthly rental1-bedroom $2,200 - $3,000. Average size,1-bedroom 650 - 850 sq. ft. Found throughout the city.

These buildings are usually the coop style of ownership.This means an involved approval process. The prices tend to be higher than on other comparable units because of the unique style and prestige of the building.

Rental units are unusual for these buildings. Due to demand and strong board rules rental is rare. Also, prices tend to be consistently high on this category of building due to demand.


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